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Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project

About the Project

Burial Ground


Ana Edwards chair, artist, activist, spokesperson
Autumn Barrett Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology, College of William & Mary
Tiamba Wilkerson African & Women’s Studies, Activist
Marquette Folley Women's Studies, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibitions Project Director
Elizabeth Cann Kambourian historian and author whose primary research into Gabriel's logistical trail led to confirmation of site of Burial Ground for Negroes in 1992
Michael L. Blakey, PhD professor of anthropology, director, Institute for Historical Biology, College of William & Mary, lead anthropologist on burial investigations and analysis from New York African Burial Ground
Janine Bell director, Elegba Folklore Society, Richmond cultural organization
Haskell S. Bingham, Ph.D.  descendant of Gabriel, historian, author
Phillip D. Schwarz, Ph.D. historian, author, professor emeritus of History, Virginia Commonwealth University
Melvin Edwards artist, New York City
Jayne Cortez poet, New York City


  • Annual commemorations of people and events that promote awareness and support for the improved knowledge of Virginia's African American history and its intrinsic and layered impact on the evolution of Richmond's current cultures.
  • Presentations to community civic groups, tourists interested in heritage and visiting dignitaries, national and international conferences
  • Virginia Friends of Mali - cultural connection and development organization utilizing educators, travel and project partnerships to enhance and promote friendship and socioeconomic opportunities for people living in Mali and Virginia.
  • Slave Trail Commission - Lumpkin's Jail Archaeological Work; Reclamation of the Burial Ground for Negroes
  • VCU Department of African American Studies - Community outreach projects including collaborations to produce documentary films, compile oral histories and extend African American studies course offerings to the public.

Sacred Ground Project, c/o DFJE, PO Box 23203, Richmond, VA 23223

Visit the historical marker honoring the life and struggle of Gabriel, slave rebellion leader, located on the sidewalk overlooking the endangered "Burial Ground for Negroes" at 1554 E. Broad Street, in Richmond's Shockoe Bottom Historic District.